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The Pylon

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become disillusioned with just about everything.  More on that later.  In particular, meaningful political opposition, academia, social media, and traditional media have been my bugbears of late.  I realise nobody likely cares about this, but that’s partly my point…

I recently heard Jon Ronson referring to certain sections of social media’s obsession with having an opinion about everything as the “Pile on”.  If something controversial happens, or seemingly if SOMETHING happens, ‘everyone’ has to have an opinion…and I would add that everyone has to have a unique opinion. 24-hour exposure to the latest views on social media, and the fact that some people make a living out of disseminating their views, means by the time many commentators put their thoughts into writing, those thoughts have already been ‘taken’.  So, you have to find a new niche.

Then I saw this short doc by Adam Curtis:

I realised that this is what I’ve ineloquently been talking to people about for the past 6 months.  Maybe it would’ve helped if I had some Burial backing me.  The search for the niche has led to overthinking.  I appreciate there is a counter argument here, and that my views are biased by my falling out with academia, but it seems that there have become so many ways to view each “thing”, that having a coherent view and creating a coherent opposition becomes impossible.

I’ve seen this with Brexit – what was a great and passionate demo on Tuesday ended with me discussing the issue with a friend.  The discussion started with the question of whether (to paraphrase in more readable language) the snobs in London who weren’t happy with Brexit were creating a split with the left, and patronising the rest of the country with regard to their legitimate reasons for voting Leave. A group the London snobby lefty middle classes supposedly “support” is no longer even understood by them, and we are disrespecting their view by protesting.

I’m getting exhausted even typing this because basically my issue is – if you feel strongly enough about something, protest about it.  Is the way we feel the answer to oh-dearism?


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