What’s that white stuff?

I went to Jordan last week (for the weekend).  There’s not much to do in Amman, but it did snow which made a pleasant change from the unchanging climate of Jeddah.  I’m now ill as a result of having wet feet and being generally under dressed  all weekend though.

(The last picture is stolen)



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2 responses to “What’s that white stuff?

  1. I am sorry that your trip to Jordan had been spoiled by Snow. Did you go to Petra. I rode a horse to Petra at dawn and was vey impressed by the view when we first saw the temple – rather like the scene fron \indiana Jones. I though the parabolic Roman theatre which showed that acoustics was very advanced. I went to the top of the arena and a friend dropped a coin onto the stage. I could hear it very clearly as though it had been amplified.

    • I didn’t get chance to go to Petra, I was only there for the weekend – a visa run (my company don’t get us Iqamas so we have to leave every 30 days). Did pop to Jerash which was almost outdone by the stunning scenery around (made even better by the snow).

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