Looking for a little romance.

My introduction to the Saudi dating scene has been swift.  On my first night here my flatmate came home from a walk, claiming he’d been propositioned by a Palestinian gentleman.  I laughed, and went for my own wander along a similar route, down to the beach.  Along the way I bumped into a male hotel worker from Pakistan, who seemed charming.  He quickly became a little too charming though, and ended up saying “if you need anything…..ANYTHING, just give me a call” (whilst looking at my crotch).

It would be wrong for me to speculate as to nature of homosexuality in Saudi Arabia, but this was an unexpected introduction to the city.  Since then, heterosexuality has dominated my experience of love and lust in Jeddah.  I had heard of guys-in-big-cars driving alongside any women fortunate or unfortunate enough to be out on their own and either beeping their horns frantically (nothing unusual – I’m from Essex), or waving their phone numbers around.  The most bizarre method of seduction I’ve been told about is actually throwing a cheap mobile at women with your other number stored in it, ready for the recipient to call.  This one I’m yet to see, but I’ve seen plenty of the first two.

I’ve also had plenty of phone calls from random numbers, which I have been reliably informed are generally men dialling random numbers and hoping to hear a female voice on the other end.  I never thought of my voice as particuarly manly, but it seems to be scaring them off.  Ah well,  I’ll just have to try my luck with bluetooth dating in the mall…



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2 responses to “Looking for a little romance.

  1. Hi
    Although I was in Saudi Arabia about twenty years before you, I have heard of stories about persons dailing random numbers in the hope of spesking to someone of the opposite sex. My colleagues used to snigger and smirk when they see two men holding hands. Men holding hands is not necessarily homosexual, but is a fairly common practicein the region and among the Turks and Greeks as well.
    I am so pleased to read of your rather unconventional views for an English expat. Most refreshing.

    • The whole holding hands thing isn’t particularly shocking, although people are definitely much more touchy feely than in the west (most countries are more touchy feely than the British).
      Thanks for the comments!

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